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IVG Research

  • link research articles here

Test Tubes

Mental Health

  • list & link helpful articles / therapy options

Holding Hands

BIPOC Resources

  • list & link resources specific to BIPOC identities (split up with bullet points)

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Fertility Clinics in Southern CA

  • list & link fertility clinics

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LGBTQ+ Resources

  • List & link resources specific to LGBTQ+ 

Pride Parade

Family Planning

  • resources concerning family planning

Baby Room
Consider these possible uses of IVG.

Angela (she/her) and Alec (he/him) have been married for 10 years and have been trying to have children for the last 5. Jack did not know that he was infertile until trying to conceive with Angela. They have considered the option of utilizing sperm donors, but they highly value the possibility of having children that are genetically related to both of them. IVG could resolve these concerns, allowing for sperm to be produced from Alec’s skin cells. These sperm can fertilize Angela’s eggs through the IVF procedure, and Angela can carry the resulting embryo.

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