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Thank you for your interest!

What is a focus group?

It’s a moderated conversation with a group of 6 to 8 people who share a common experience or expertise. The goal is to bring together different perspectives. There is no right or wrong comments in a focus group.

I want to participate in a focus group.

I am interested, but I'd rather participate

in a 1-on-1 interview.

We will contact you via email to let you know if you have been selected to participate and give you further information.



  • 2 Hours

  • Can be in person (Los Angeles) or online

  • $100 in person or

  • $80 online

  • Several dates Jan-Mar 2023

What can you expect from our discussion?

Our team of social scientists is partnering with stem cell scientists to explore the potential impact of creating eggs and sperm in the lab, for all people who would be concerned and for society at large.


Although our discussions will be free-flowing, here are some topics we may touch on:

How can creating eggs/sperm in the lab help people?

How might it impact family-making? 

Does it raise concerns?

How should it be researched and regulated?

How can the voices of impacted communities be heard in deliberations over this technology?

Can you help with 


Yes. Fees for public transportation or gas/  parking are covered within the LA area.

Will I be paid?

Yes. You will be compensated for your time!

Will my identity be revealed?

No. Our conversation is confidential.

Is prior knowledge necessary?

No. You don't need to know anything about the science of stem cells or fertility treatments.

Can I get access to experimental fertility treatments? 

No. Our study is only about perceptions of future treatments.

Can my partner participate?

Yes! Both individuals and couples are welcome.

Submit your questions about the study or eligibility here.

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Thanks for submitting!

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