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Participate in a 2-hour conversation about the emotions, concerns, and needs involved in the development of
future reproductive technologies

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You may be eligible if you...

  • Are 18+ years old

  • Speak English or Spanish

  • Have experienced infertility AND/OR identify as LGBTQ+ and have a child or have considered having one (as a parent, step-parent, fostering parent, adoptive parent, or user of reproductive technologies) 

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Why does this matter to you?

Our study is about a stem cell technology that, in the future, could help produce eggs and sperm from other body cells. Its scientific name is in vitro gametogenesis, or IVG for short.

We want to hear from people who have lived experiences of infertility and/or considered having children as LGBTQ+ parents in order to answer the following question: what are the priorities, unmet needs, and concerns that we need to consider when we debate this technology?

Our aim is to gather many different points of view and make sure that all communities who could be affected by this technology have a seat at the table. Please share your thoughts and experiences!

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